I Owe Much To Alena and Her Sense of Life Taste

“Kassandra” 2016. Oil on cardboard, 25 x 30 cm

Alena Levina must be a great personality. So much expressiveness is lost between languages unknown. Still, from my Internet aerie I can spy her enthusiasm from 6,000 miles away. And she stirs mulled wine in the forest to boot! I believe that this portrait was painted in St. Petersburg, although again the language barrier prevents me from probing into the personal life of a painter. I tagged her my excitement for this project and she was immediate with a reply. That’s good. I needed that. And I think energetic artists like Alena know how to fuel the fire of passion. I am not worried that she will let up. I sense that she has good friends, and brings warm light to a winter city. So everything is right with the world. Just keep painting please!

Photo by Kassandra Fade

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