More Ego Scraping

My effort

The paintings above would be okay if they resembled the model who patiently stood for three 45 minute sessions listening to painters slap color around. I believe he works as a Moscow police officer, and I hope his choice painting hangs above the precinct clock for other officers to admire. The world is changing. My stepfather is a retired cop. This never would have been allowed in his psychology.

What an exhilarating experience! Some thing with chomping teeth and sharp claws got inside my super ego and flailed, and then called in Mr. Adrenaline to mop up the mess. Humbled again, but this time much more relaxed in a warm Moscow studio.

Just a few pieces of exceptional discipline

Thank you Alexey, Andrew, Lena, Tanya, and Sergey! Your talent, appreciation, and above all, patience with me has my gratitude until time forgets how to count.

About the video below. It’s in fast time, so beware. To my comrades-at-paintbrushes, please note that I have never worked in this manner before. I am a naive painter through and through. This is an ongoing learning process, so forgive my ignorance please, and just laugh with me as the Ron atlas and axis react after snorting a pile of coffee grounds…


P.S. to Sergey. You asked about the popular support for Trump in my neck of the woods. I can tell you only what I see. Many people gather on cold nights for “burning in effigy” parties.




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