Thank You Alexey Stepanov For Immortal Work From a Mortal Theme Park

Cemetery Study, oil on board, 16 x 12″

Maybe it’s time for a new idea on the Stuckism manifesto:

21. Painters should sell their works whenever possible for grain bread and more paint, but keep an active trade network among fellow painters to remind each other of the true value of creative work, that art is not made in a vacuum void of personality as mass media communications would have us believe.

To know the painter! Yes! Why else would I want his or her work on my wall? Otherwise it’s just pretty decor and another boring talking point. I think most moderns comfortable with an Internet connection have enough tchotchkes already.

To me this painting is much more than what van Gogh Inc. could offer. This is a human being. Look! He lives! He paints! He suffers, leaps for joy, blends in, reacts, walks and talks… And we have exchanged work. We know each other!

Alexey at work on this painting!

I sometimes wonder if subjective taste is an illusion. In my experience, it’s practically impossible to make a sale, even on the cheap. At an exhibition where maybe over a 100 people come to see the work, I am lucky to sell one painting not to my mother. I bet more often than not, most other painters suffer the same confusion.

Until he or she is authenticated! Then, of course, a different story gets told, more to cover expenses of the market house than urge the painter to continue working in a fine mist of well-being.

Today is your lucky day, Mr. Alexey Stepanov! You are being authenticated. Ron Throop has hung his third Stepanov on the wall. In America you are a household name. My house! Just keep painting. There is room for exponential growth.

Me with an ear-to-ear grin if my cheeks weren’t so fat



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