I Just Skype Interviewed To Moscow


And this is what the audience probably saw! The sound quality on my end was poor, so I kept leaning in to speak, and because I thought no one could hear me (especially those in the back), I practically yelled bad English to their good English translator.

In the back of my eye you can barely see the Alexey Stepanov painting, and yet yesterday I spent all afternoon and evening setting up the “studio”, placing his paintings and mine, dusting, sweeping, even polishing my water glass. I practiced my toddler Russian all morning long and managed to give back to all and sundry this eye and many, many unnecessary head nods. I would do it again. And again.

Thank you Darya Serenko and the Russian Stuckists! One day we shall communicate with a personal toast to our good health. Hurry up now, and welcome your spring!

Funny. Watch as the camera rolls unbeknownst to me!



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