I Love These Paintings. They Are Modern, Alive, and Thought-provoking

“Wolverine in the Dark” 2016. Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm

Two recent paintings by Alena Levina.

One would hope that by now, with the advent of modern farming, plumbing, transportation, distribution and communication, the entire planet of human beings should be experiencing a lifetime bender of unbridled joy. I believe artists must strive to achieve a reality of deep contentment (especially among loud outside throes of temporal chaos). If we have come to a point on the human timeline, when even a humble painter gets pushed off the enlightenment path by a stampede of workaholics dreaming of no grander experience than what was last seen on TV, then humanity, meet pot. Pot, envelope humanity.

These paintings make me think, and thinking makes me dream, and dreaming makes me happy. Therefore, logically, Levina is a genius. She has created something to make a human being feel, without having to pull shrapnel out of his soft tissue at the same time. Unlike an Einstein or an Oppenheimer, her state of the art cannot possibly warp into the untimely deaths of politically incorrect human beings. Unless of course the wolverine above loses her charge and tears through the nearest village on a frantic outlet hunt.

Thanks for sharing fellow painter-at-arms! May these paintings sell quickly so that you can buy more paint, or food, or wine—or whatever it is you need to remain charged with enthusiasm.

“The Meal In the Dark” Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 80 cm



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