Let Us Begin To Sell Some Paintings


It is time to unfold  billfolds and exchange some paper currency for any or all of these paintings. Let’s go nations of Russia and The United States, with combined populations of nearly a half billion peoples—you don’t have to pretend how happy you are any longer. The overwhelming majority can afford a painting to hang on a wall. And you can choose one yourself, from a pool of talented, dedicated painters, right here, right now. No need to wait for the expert non-painter to tell you what’s good this season. Take it from me, a full time maker of plastic images, that the work shown here is very good and will improve all wallboards, even the sterile, cold McMansion types. I cannot speak for the others (only that I can tell you confidently that their paintings are priced way too low), but I paint better than any CEO, I also work harder, and provide to the public a more useable product than a cheeseburger in a wrapper that gets digested and forgotten after several measly hours. Barring natural disaster or total insanity, a painting will last a lifetime or longer, provided someone loved you well enough to love the things you loved.

We painters have created enough images to provide a semblance of free will for the decision-making process. Art is very affordable at these staple food prices. Get involved. Become a man or a woman of éclat. Buy paintings from painters and keep clear of the disgusting want of Walmart. I shall load more images to the sidebar. Please be patient with site maneuverability as I expect some slowdown from heavy traffic.



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