Finally! After two months of 21st century international postal travel, the paintings from Russia have arrived! The two bureaucracies, no matter how hideously bloated, can toss a million dollar explosive at each other within seconds. Yet both are essentially insufficient when providing for their citizens, especially their paying peasant painters.

It should cost large sums to export packages this size. That is the romance of travel! If it came easily, the arrival would be cheap. But two months? I began to suspect my mailman as a co-conspirator.

Joy! I forgive the incompetence of stubborn governments.

For those of you who once thought it good fortune to pile more money on top of shelter, food, fuel, and freedom, I give you the intelligence, creativity, and surprise of expressive gift-giving. This is a high that no coinage could match. I have seen the light.

Do it. Stop striving. Seek reverence of humans seeking reverence. No one gives a crap what you’re doing besides those who give a crap what you’re doing. Comprende?

Thank you so much mothers and fathers of Russia. You have made truly inspired and creative people. At least the ones I know. And,

My cynicism is dying.


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