Painter Or Peasant Or Both?

“Weary of My Politics, Rose Told Me To Paint The Tulip” 2016. Acrylic on canvas

In a rare case of unbelievable, this painting sold moments after finishing it. Rather, just after photographing it. After the deal went down, the nervous, maybe self-loathing painter brought it back to the easel and touched up what could never-ever be seen in someone else’s living room.

I wanted to film some action for visitors to this site on the same day. In the afternoon I went out back to plug at the long spring chore of turning the heavy soil.

And then I was struck.

Ordinary life! “First the sun and then the moon.”

“Are you finished with your supper?“

“Yes master.”

“Then clean your bowl!” Whap!

Music by Van Morrison, “Rough God Goes Riding”. If Van feels the way his music makes me feel, then he would want you to buy the work of the people on this site, or other peasants of like mind, rather than enrich him another mansion overlooking an Irish bay.



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