Two Unfinished Paintings From Round Trip Skype Session

Do not try to capture the face of a loved one. Here is when I could use a good Picasso or Matisse cartoon to cover up my inability, which of course they did not need to cover, but were merely that comfortable being playful. Yesterday we had another Skype session to Russia. This time with Alena Levina in Moscow. She wasn’t feeling well, yet still managed beauty beginnings in 90 minutes.

Alena’s work

My wife was the professional model, and came with the cat whether I liked it or not. (Cats appear to be statuary for long moments of time. Not true. Our cat in repose changed positions more times than minutes passed.)

Two sessions of 45 minutes each and Alena has made my wife as beautiful as she is, and has even begun to immortalize the tulips from our flower garden. I love her portrait work, and her finished piece will hang in our home, and later our children’s home, and some day their children too I hope.

I look forward to exhibiting Alena’s work in November. One of her paintings has already sold and it isn’t even finished yet.

Thank you Alena and Rose. I become a better artist from a little more failure each day.







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