The First Painting To Not Have Arrived Is Already Sold

“Rose” 2016. Oil on cardboard, 40 x 50 cm by Alena Levina

Here is a good omen. Alena Levina’s painting of my wife Rose is the first I know will be in the exhibition, and to Alena’s good fortune, is already sold, although she’ll have to wait a few more months to get paid for it. No doubt, according to this positive thinking, all paintings will be sold on opening night. Those attending will begin a bid war over the last remaining piece. It will be enough to cover our expenses until the end of time, and not one of us will want for an expensive cadmium orange ever again.

Thank you intelligent and inspiring painter. If I was fluent in your language we would meet and speak about what human energies are necessary to make a sun rise. It might take long into the night; it could take a summer or autumn-long jag. Still, your painting and mine, and the manner of their achievement, speaks in the one language of humankind, even if we shall never know each other too well.

I’ll take this painting to my winter and hang it in my dreams. Thank you very much Alena Levina!


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