Stuckism is People’s Paintings

Here is the video of last week’s opening of Stuckism/Registered In Moscow and the Moscow Region shared by Alexey Stepanov:

If you speak Russian, please let me know if it sounds as good as I declare the videography to be.

This is top notch display of work in a humble gallery off the beaten path. Here is where one can find art in Russia that is not infected with the “Me Plague” of western civilization. I would rather show work beside Alexey and company, together taking in huge breaths of the romance of any city on Earth, Inc., than be offered solo shows in the pampered pretend rooms of rich people pleaser Larry Gagosian.

Try me. It’s true. Stuckism is real because I feel it. I just pinched myself and felt it. Therefore I feel, so Stuckism is real.

Painter’s logic.


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