Alena Levina Has More Friends Than Me


Alena paints portraits of real people who sit for her.

Then she paints “Autumn in St. Cloud”

2016. Oil on canvas, 70 x 80 cm

She moves in and out of chosen style, alone, like an artist, and displays her paintings humbly, like an artist.

Or, her friends help out, on the street…

Miss Fade Doing a song and dance in the square…

Juxtapose the courage and beauty of a human being trying to break into a world of art with the circus that props up a multimillionaire who keeps a factory of idiots churning out pure merde:


A conditional statement to arrive at logic:

If Koons is not good, then Levina is a working artist.

Pure truth. Anyone on earth who disagrees with me is a hollow and stupid person.


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