If You Don’t See You Can’t Close Your Eyes


Alexey Stepanov: Police/Document Checking 2016. Oil on hardboard, 25 x 30 cm

My very rough Google® translation to Alexey Stepanov’s auction post this morning follows this brief rant. There is nobody painting like this in the world right now. The painting itself, like rocks and pine cones, is a worthless nothing of much merit, and the greatest human freedom expression ever dignified on canvas to the masses of “worry for the headstone purchase”, that we of western civilization have become. What’s at Walmart? Not this! What’s in Larry Gagosian’s toilet? The end of the world, that’s for sure! Wake up New York, Moscow, London, and ding-dongville! Let the cream rise to the top. Figuratively murder these art millionaires in there sleep. They’ll  awake in the morning desperate paupers once again, and cry like little babies to no one who cares. Christ, let the good painters through. Take the millions out of art. Cherish these beautiful paintings we make in adversity.

Now for Alexey’s pitch—

Fly, hurry! Hang pictures on the dry plaster! No useful purchase—a gift to friends, decorate an apartment, surprise the wife!
Try your luck at bargaining. You can begin now by clicking the link below; starting price—1000r


Stuckism / AUCTION
Today at 6:55 am
Alexey Stepanov (St. Petersburg)

 End of trading is September 23.


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