There Will Be A Raffle To Raise Rubles For More International Painting Playdates


“Mums on a Table” 2015. Acrylic on canvas, 11 x 14″

No, no, you can’t win this one. It was last year’s exhibition prize awarded to a sixth grader for guessing how much money I have made over a lifetime of creative effort. He was only one of two to guess negative, and he went way low. But not low enough.

And this wasn’t even a raffle—just a “thank you for coming” kind of game prize for guests.

For this exhibition I will have a raffle for a painting of like character. Maybe a cat on a chair, or a window on its sill. Accumulated dollars in jar shall be split five ways, so we painters who repeatedly expose ourselves to all and sundry can buy more paints to persist.

Look behind the third bottom mum flower from the left, and you will get a glimpse of my financial train wreck…

¡Viva la Stuckism!





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