Gallery In Like a Lion


“Dance” «Танец»  2015. Oil on hardboard,  41 x 30 cm                   

A trip to the empty gallery yesterday to assess square footage, nail-in-wall damage, and the incurable madness of civilization. Makarov is stopped in some bureaucratic spit sludge, yet the show will go on because, in the end, life shall always defeat the abstract. The latter is a temporary safety world for squatters and thieves. Life is for the good worm and also the natural man. Every thing abstract is counterfeit, and not life.

That is why art draws people together, and why bureaucracies practically fear it out loud. For art is the thought police, and it has never been the other way around. Orwell was smart, but he probably didn’t paint, and therefore in all his genius, gravely mistook bureaucracies for ultimate power, and the people as sheep.


Life is legion, and art its bellwether.

Bureaucracies exist, it is true.

But not on my farm. Baa! Baaaa… I will show Makarov’s paintings if I have to crumble both of these cowering abstractions!




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