Today I Dealt a Hand to Humanity to Trump Bureaucracy


A form letter plea sent to powerful senatorial and Presidential representatives of Earth, Inc. on the morning my faith in humanity shall be rekindled. Also, this is a future “thank you” to the present action of any Russian or American high player with a conscience. I know you’re out there! You can’t hide from me! I wrestle existential philosophy with every other inhale. I can spot a kindred spirit without even seeing him or her. Chop, chop! Let’s roll. All of the good life tomorrow depends upon your action this instant. If nothing else, the rest of you can at least aim your 1/2 billion collective thought astonish/admonishment at the bureaucracy we chain ourselves too.

Pass the letter on… Please.

Dear Senator Everyone,

My name is Ron Throop. I am a painter living in Oswego, N.Y. This year I received a grant from CNYArts, a New York State art decentralization department, to work with and exhibit the paintings of four talented Moscow and St. Petersburg painters.

We are in dire need of help. Dire for artists anyway, which can oftentimes seem over dramatic, I understand.

A painter friend living in St. Petersburg, A. Makarov, is unable to deliver his paintings to America for exhibition. I have already received packages from two others without incident. He is caught in some bureaucratic (or worse) disruption in what should be a normal working process, but has plagued him for several months now. This is an international city for crying out loud! Since August he has been unable to acquire a passport to, what, deliver a parcel of paintings to a humble art exhibition? I understand this is a Sunday, and all business is down. I have sent word to the U.S. Embassy consul general in St. Petersburg (via e-mail), Mr. Thomas Leary, and hope to hear from him, however, feel doubtful that my request will get through.

Do you have an affiliate in St. Petersburg who has channels open for art delivery? Andrew could run the box over to him or her, and be done with it.

The show opens November 5, and we are at our wit’s end. Any help would be so much appreciated. I can repay for postage through Western Union if that is an option, and you are into a cause like international love for, and exchange of, art.

I would work a month for free for you at a New York office, if that could help. And/or I will become a passionate campaigner for re-election when called upon. I paint pictures and write. I cook and also dream.

Is there still dreaming in Russia? How about the United States?

Please help!

Ron Throop

P.S. This is an urgent, time-sensitive affair, from a New York location that rarely has an international problem addressed by the U.S. government, let alone, an art problem. Please get back to me as soon as possible. My fingers are twitching…



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