Brief Letter To New York and Everywhere About My Amazing Cat


My cat can read!

There are 17 days left for people down state, and far east and west state to pile into vans and buses to come to Oswego to see what is not in New York. Paintings are affordable and did not need to pass the fear and avarice test of a Madison Avenue gallery. The price of gas or a bus ticket, lunch, and return snack, added on to the cost of a painting, will give you a road trip adventure, a New York State landscape dream of Russia, and a great holiday gift to give—all for under just 300, maybe 400 dollars.

Wake up hard-working people! Let’s not wait for the wrong institution to tell us the right way to have a subjective opinion. 5 painters represented. One dreaming American and four inspired Russians. One of these paintings has got to look good enough for a private parlor or a vestibule—at quarter of the cost of your stupid iPhone.

Yes, your iPhone is stupid. It can’t read, but my cat can.

Round Trip Stuckism at the Art Association in Oswego, NY.

The following painting of a cat is there. Unfortunately, she doesn’t read. She grooms herself all day long. She sits on the wall a very pretty thing, but also a talisman and gentle reminder that, even with forever and eternity on its side, the earth will never reveal to any one species the tiniest fraction of its beauty. Some get obliged more than others. We are very low on the totem pole of that gracious gift. Humans got big brains, dominion over all land-based species, and a teeny-tiny desperate contingent of those who seek to blast their brains out of the cold rock which invisibly entraps our better spirits.

Yes, a cat painting can do all that.

That means either it is art, or I am an artist. Pick one. They’re both worth a look-see. I sit at the gallery on Saturdays and Sundays, but I will be available any time during the week hours. I brew hot coffee and serve homemade cookies. You day-trippers can put a few in your pockets to save on a late snack for ride home. I’ll look the other way.

As long as you buy a painting…


“Spirit Cat” by Alena Levina

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